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Top of the Priority List - Spice Island Beach Resort in Saint George, Grenada

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Coming in at #1 on the Priority List

Spice Island Beach Resort, Photo by: Braylen Brooks


Nestled beautifully on the Grande Anse beach in Grenada a private paradise awaits you, This family-owned resort truly understands the meaning of hospitality and luxury. The hotel staff makes you feel like you are part of a family. The rooms and suites are comfortable, plush, fully equipped, and beautifully designed to enhance the comfort of your stay.

Spice Island Beach Resort, Photo by: Braylen Brooks

Real Life Moments has 4 Branded experiences at Spice Island Beach Resort, guests can book through RLM or directly with the resort. Listed below are Spice Island's new experiences:

- High Tea in front of the Sea

- Yachting experience

- Wine Tasting

- Lovers & Friends private dinner

- Turn down spa bath

We recommend a 6-7 day stay to get a full Grenadian experience. Private tours, Yacht excursions, and the Belmont Chocolate factory. 1 thing we believe that really sets Spice Island Beach apart from the other resorts on the island that RLM Insiders have experienced is their

culinary selection and the placement of the resort on one of the critically acclaimed beaches on the island.

Saint Georges, Grenada Photo by: Real Life Moments

Aside from leisure and lounging around the resort. You arrange an Island tour which is about 3-4 hours long in a very nice spacious air-conditioned van. Throughout the tour, you learn about the history and culture of Grenada, the spices, the farmers and so much more. we highly recommend it.

For information please visit Spice Island Beach Resort or email


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