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Q: How does the RLM Platform work?

A: The RLM Platform partners up with luxury boutique and corporate hotels/ brands around the world. The platform curates exclusive experiences offered to its RLM members who are interested In luxury premier destinations and travel.

Q: Do I have to apply for a membership?

A: At this time we ae not requiring an application process. Potential members will be able to seek membership inclusions in February 2024. The RLM Platform is still offering exclusive offers to its clients, in which the founder, Braylen Brooks, will continue to highlight and promote destinations and experiences on his platforms until then and ongoing.

Q: Are flights included in the packaged experiences?

A: We are not currently working with any commercial airlines. We are only working with private jet charter companies. 

Q: I don't see any destinations I want to go to on the website. Can RLM Travel Lux create a trip for me?

A: Destinations are always updating with exclusive offers on accommodations and experiences. If you have a desired destination in mind, reach out to our bespoke travel department and we can curate and orchestrate an experience of a life time for you and your loved ones.

Q: Is RLM Travel Lux a traditional travel agency? What makes RLM different?

There are quite a few things that make Real Life Moments different than any other Travel Agency.
1.) For direct referral travel, we do not charge any additional fee, other than your orchestration fee. In order to access exclusive offers with select properties/ experiences.

2.) We create, develop, and license out content for our hotel partners. This gives them an opportunity to increase visibility and enhance their aesthetic in order to spread brand awareness & promote brand strategy. Our services also facilitate online, editorial, and advertorial promotional campaigns. 
3.) We have Public Relations/Marketing partners globally to optimize our campaigns to drive traffic (SEO) to our causes, whether it be a brand new destination or a hotel partner launching new experiences.

4.) Real Life Moments houses exclusive offers by select properties that are curated by the RLM Platform and its partners.

5.) Concierge services are available for personalized needs. Whether it be transportation, health or beauty.

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