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Hotel Le fontanelle is a decadent Tuscan experience graced with lush wine fields, botanical gardens, Spa and a fine dining restaurant. The Hotel is “the jewel of Chianti”, a very special place that is well-kept and tasteful, with unique views, and beautiful abundant greenery. Even after several years of operation, for her everything is still the same as the first day.

The task of nursing the estate back to life was taken on by Margherita Gozzi, the owner’s niece. She started with the late 19th century water source, from which the hotel got its name. The place had kept its historic and cultural identity: porticoes, loggias and archways still adorn the buildings, along with stone walls, original wood ceiling beams, terracotta floors. All the elements of a classic Chianti farm dwelling. The landscape you view today is no different from that of 200 years ago, marked with vineyards and olive trees, native vegetation, and aromatic herbs.

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