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The RLM Travel Lux Agency creates real life experiences for both luxury brands, hotels and savvy jetsetting consumers. Whether based in bustiling metropolises or small towns, The RLM Travel Lux Agency circulates awareness on social platforms to audiences that share similar travel interests. 


Created by travel influencer, and esteemed curator, Braylen Brooks, The RLM Travel Lux was designed for both his wanderluster followers and his favorite properties and restaurants alike.


If anyone knows about opulent travel destinations and how to market them to the masses, it's Braylen Brooks. His stunningly curated images, videos and editorial content has enthralled over 69k followers on Instagram, visibility with over 2.5 million in the top travel communities and platforms on Facebook and a Tripadvisor readership at 50k+. His content has also attracted the attention of Architectural Digest, Refinery 29, CBS News and GQ, to name a few. Over the course of his travels, Brooks has built a devoted upscale following that looks to him for the best in hotels, airlines, fine dining and bespoke experiences all around the globe. Brooks' goal is to "Bring experiences to life that won't go unnoticed.". 


Are you ready? 

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