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Chateau de villette

Located 40 minutes away from the center of Paris, Château de Villette is one of the most remarkable châteaux in France, classified as a historical landmark since 1942 by the French government. Set in a 75ha woodland park, with two lakes, a magnificent cascade fountain, a glass house and orangery, not to mention the incredibly lavish interiors, Chateau de Villette epitomizes elegance, luxury and the famous French expression “art de vivre”. Originally designed by architect François Mansart for the Count of Aufflay and later completed by his great-nephew, Jules Hardouin-Mansart, chief-architect of Louis XV, who also oversaw the construction of Château de Versailles at the same time. Similarly, the splendid garden of Château de Villette was designed by André Le Nôtre, who also created the famous gardens of Château de Versailles. Thus, it has earned the name Le Petit Versailles (the Little Versailles). Historically, the 18th is considered as the heyday of Château de Villette. The owners of Château de Villette at the time, Sophie de Grouchy, a prominent salon hostess, and her husband, Marquis de Condorcet, would invite the leading intellectuals such as Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Paine to Château de Villette. In the modern times, Château de Villette has been the sanctuary for many celebrities like John Travolta, Tom Cruise and Lenny Kravitz. It has been a source of inspiration for Dan Brown who wrote the “Da Vinci Code” while staying at the Chateau and was later used a filming location for its adaptation.

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Collection suites

Chateau de Villette counts 7 luxurious suites in the main Chateau, each designed individually by the renowned interior decorator Jacques Garcia. The extravagant interiors reflect the Louis XV era – furnished with the finest period furniture and objets d’art.

Dreamy and refined, Château de Villette is a perfect choice for any event: from a destination wedding to a glamorous party, from a private photo session to an intimate elopement. An outdoor ceremony in a classic French parterre garden accompanied by a grandiose fireworks show, a ceremony inside an original 18th century Chapel, cocktail party inside the Orangery or an indoor wedding reception in an exquisite setting - combinations and possibilities are endless!

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